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Shaping future lifestyles: Creating happy, healthy and sustainable communities

Peel Waters, a part of the Peel Group, has a portfolio of innovative waterfront developments. Our waterfront destinations are located across the UK, as far north as Glasgow in Scotland to the southern part of the Uk at Chatham with a concentration in the north west of England from Manchester to the Mersey. Each site is meticulously developed to regenerate its unique waterfront setting, ensuring that the area is once again a vibrant world class destination.

Blending history with innovation our experience spans investment in many different settings from rivers and canals, to docklands – creating thriving well-connected communities.

Our passion and vision is to regenerate and transform sites by creating unique destinations where people can live, work, socialise and enjoy life securing a prosperous future for the area.

Our narrative unfolds along the ripples of regeneration, where the pulse of employment beats in harmony with the revitalisation of communities. In the spirit of partnerships, we navigate the waters of opportunity, breathing new life into places that hold the echoes of a proud industrial past. It’s about people, passion and place.

James Whittaker - Executive Director of Development at Peel L&P

the peel group

Established over 50 years ago, The Peel Group has grown through an ethos of recycling capital into long-term sustainable investments gaining a reputation of visionary regeneration projects, primarily in the North of England.

Our investments span across land and property, transport and logistics, low carbon energy and other essential infrastructure.

We have a vision to deliver sustainable growth and we’re proud of our legacy and reputation for creating and investing in regeneration projects, primarily in the north of England.




forging partnerships

Peel Waters thrives on the creation of valued partnerships.

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For press and media enquires related to Peel Waters, please email: Emma Green or Kate Holland