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Creating happy, healthy and sustainable communities

Discover our portfolio of innovative waterfront developments. Each site is meticulously developed to regenerate its unique waterfront setting, ensuring that the area is once again a vibrant world class destination.

Blending history with innovation our experience spans investment in many different settings from rivers and canals, to docklands – creating thriving well-connected communities.

Our passion and vision is to regenerate and transform sites by creating unique destinations where people can live, work, socialise and enjoy life securing a prosperous future for the area.

North to South

Our waterfront developments in Merseyside, Manchester, Trafford, Glasgow and Kent are reinventing waterfronts in England and Scotland where we create destinations that stand as testaments to the harmony between buildings and nature, people and place.

Peel Water development locations on a map.

The Portfolio

For general enquiries please contact
For press and media enquires related to Peel Waters, please email: Emma Green or Kate Holland