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Planning approved! Influential sports players celebrate success for the Padel Club in TraffordCity

The Padel Club, based in Wilmslow, is thrilled to announce its expansion to a new state-of-the-art facility in TraffordCity. The new grounds will be home to an impressive array of amenities, designed to offer an unparalleled experience for Padel enthusiasts and wellness seekers alike.

Plans to create the biggest and most sustainable Padel facility in the North of England have been approved by Trafford Council. The approval of the TraffordCity site signifies a significant milestone for The Padel Club, kickstarting the club’s expansion plans and enabling them to create a broader community of sports enthusiasts and champion a wider culture of fitness, camaraderie and improving physical and mental well-being.

a major new hub for health, sport, and socialising

The new 1.5-acre development is strategically located within TraffordCity, the UK’s foremost retail, leisure, and commercial destination. Working in partnership with Peel Waters, who are the regeneration specialists developing the wider TraffordCity destination and vision; The Padel Club will be a major new hub for health, sport, and socialising within the destination. This thriving location promises to attract visitors from far and wide, contributing to the economic growth of the region and create more local employment opportunities.

Simon Jones - The Padel Club Paul Maderia - Founding Investor Kris Ball - Padel Club Melissa Ball - Padel Club Nick Bianchi - Founding Investor James Whittaker
L_R: Simon Jones - The Padel Club, Paul Maderia - Founding Investor, Kris Ball - Padel Club, Melissa Ball - Padel Club, Nick Bianchi - Founding Investor, James Whittaker - Peel Waters

delivering new jobs in a must-visit destination

James Whittaker, Executive Director for Peel Waters said: “We’re really proud to be working in partnership with The Padel Club to bring their fantastic offering to TraffordCity. Peel has had a vision since the early nineties to bring the best retail and leisure offerings and experiences together in one place.

“We are excited that TraffordCity will now be the home of the biggest Padel facility in the north to further enhance the unparalleled choice of sport and wellbeing available. The facility will deliver new jobs, grow our local visitor economy and create a must visit destination for Padel Fans whilst inspiring a new generation of Padel players and fans within our local community.

The Padel Club will have 11 purpose-built and high specification courts of which; nine will be covered courts and two will be open air courts. The onsite clubhouse will serve as a hub for relaxation and socialising, offering retail spaces, dining options, and shower facilities. The approved plans also include a dedicated fitness and conditioning area, providing future players and members opportunities to improve their fitness levels and enhance their on-court performance.

The groundbreaking development aligns with The Padel Club’s commitment to sustainability and wellness, as they aim to improve the health and well-being of visitors to create an unparalleled experience that will resonate with Padel enthusiasts of all ages. Sustainability has been considered within every detail of The Padel Club at TraffordCity with the new facility benefitting from enhanced landscaping, insect housing, bird boxes and more space for ecology. Members and visitors of The Padel Club in TraffordCity will also benefit from dedicated onsite EV charging points, allowing them to plug in whilst they play.

Players at the Padel Club

Kristopher Ball, Founder and CEO at the Padel Club added: “We are incredibly excited to expand our Padel Club to the vibrant grounds of TraffordCity. This new facility marks a pivotal moment for us, and we look forward to welcoming both seasoned players and newcomers to experience the joy of Padel in this world-class destination.”

Original investors in The Padel Club include Michael Vaughan, Jos Butler, James Milner and Shay Given who have come out in force to celebrate this major milestone for The Padel Club.

The Padel Club courts

Michael Vaughan, sports commentator, and former England cricket Captain said “This is going to be fantastic. I’m delighted to be involved with The Padel Club and so pleased that TraffordCity has been given the go ahead.

I can’t wait for the Padel community to grow. In my humble opinion, Padel is the best sport that incorporates all abilities, all ages and is so much fun!”

Shay Given, former Premier League footballer, said “This is such great news for the Club, who have worked hard to build a very sociable and successful Padel Club in Wilmslow. I love to play Padel – when I get chance! It’s such an accessible and enjoyable sport, that everyone can play. We are looking forward to the Club expanding to TraffordCity!”

Close up on Padel Board net

Aimee Fuller, Olympic Snowboarder and BBC Sport Ski Sunday presenter, added: “Padel is such an accessible sport and so much fun to play, it will be a brilliant addition to the mix of sports and leisure venues currently at TraffordCity. When I’m in Manchester I love to play at The Padel Club and now with this new club set to be located next to the UK’s longest indoor ski slope; it will be ace to be able to snowboard and combine a game of Padel afterwards”.

Ryan Giggs, former Manchester United FC footballer, said “The Padel Club is a brilliant place to be; Padel is fast becoming everyone’s new sport to play. I started playing with a couple of friends, including Nicky Butt, and I can’t get enough! I’m back on court pretty much every day, if I can.

I’ve played a couple of tournaments at The Padel Club, it’s been competitive and social. Meeting new players and challenging each other to play better. It’ll be even better when the TraffordCity Club is built!”

Jos Buttler, cricketer Captain for The Manchester Originals team for The Hundred, said “Padel really is the on-trend sport! Whenever I get the opportunity to play, around my cricket schedule and home life, it’s always a good time. Padel is incredibly addictive, since my first play I just want to get back on Court. The announcement that The Padel Club have secured a site at TraffordCity is the best news.”

With a c£2m build cost, construction of The Padel Club at Trafford City will take place over Summer 2024 and is expected to be open by Autumn 2024.

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